Wednesday 15 December 2021

Rock Oil Dirt Blaster 1L

Rock Oil Dirt Blaster 1L

Dirt Blaster
Rock Oil's Dirt Blaster is a high performance, biodegradable, detergent package suitable for most cleaning applications where the removal of dirt, oils and greases is required. Dirt Blaster is safe to use on most delicate materials but when cleaning polished alloys the product should not be allowed to dry.

Caustic soda free and suitable for use with most motorcycle components
Advanced, biodegradable formulation boosts cleaning properties in hard water areas and also reduces scale build up when used through pressure washers
Outstanding performance under normal conditions with minimal agitation
The product is not classified as hazardous under current legislation although contact with eyes, as with any detergent, should be avoided

Instructions For Use:
It is recommended that Dirt Blaster is used straight from the bottle
Spray onto the surface to be cleaned, slight agitation with a soft brush may be required for heavy soiling Rinse thoroughly with clean water, leathering is not normally required
This versatile cleaner may also be applied through hot or cold water pressure washer systems and diluted with up to 100 parts water

Important Note:
Dirt Blaster is suitable for use with most materials used in the construction of motorcycles, including paintwork, alloys and composites. However due to continual development of these materials it is strongly recommended that the product is spot tested the first time it is used.

Typical Physical Characteristics
Density @ 15C 1.030 kg/L
pH value 11.0
Appearance Clear Green Liquid

**Latest design is comes with Grey colour Nozzle and new Packing as photo attached

Price: RM56/bottle [FREE Chain Brush x 1]

**Liquid product is not allowed to send to East Malaysia
**NO free black brush tools for the Add-On Chain Cleaner

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