Monday, 26 October 2015

Original CoolChange Mini Tube Repair Kit

Original CoolChange Mini Tube Repair Kit


1.Plastic box:14x6.5x2cm

Package included:
1 x 10cc rubber solution
3 x POM tire levers
6 x cold pattch 25mm,round
3 x cold patch 30mm,round
2 x cold patch 32x50mm,oval
1 x metal rasp
1 x plastic box


Thursday, 15 October 2015

Original Maxxis Inner Tube - 700X18/25

Original Maxxis Inner Tube - 700X18/25 

700X18/25, 27X7/8-1
85 grams


Original Maxxis Inner Tube - 27.5 X1.9/2.35

Original Maxxis Inner Tube - 27.5 X1.9/2.35

27.5 X1.9/2.35
192 grams


Original Maxxis Inner Tube - 29X1.90/2.35

Original Maxxis Inner Tube - 29x1.90/2.35

29 x 1.90/2.35
201 grams

Price: RM20.90/pc

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Original Topeak AirBooster

Original Topeak AirBooster

The AirBooster is an incredibly small, lightweight and easy to use CO2 inflator. Precision CNC machined from solid aluminum, the angled head AirBooster fits Schrader and Presta valves and its special design allows the user to adjust the flow while filling the tire. Double-ended design allows cartridge storage. Accepts standard threaded CO2 cartridges. 

HeadPresta/Schrader with Integrated Dust Cap
Push to Inflate
MaterialCNC Aluminum
Added FeaturesDouble-ended Design Allows Cartridge Storage
1 Threaded 16 g CO2 Cartridge
Size (L x W x H)4.4 x 3.7 x 1.5 cm
1.7” x 1.4” x 0.6”
Weight22.5 g / 0.79 oz

Normal Price: RM105/set
NOW: RM80/set

Double-ended design features CO2 cartridge engagement on one side, CO2 cartridge storage on the other

AirBooster features CNC aluminum construction

Head fits Presda and Schrader valve types

Monday, 12 October 2015

Original Topeak FlyPaper Glueless Patch Kit

Original Topeak FlyPaper Glueless Patch Kit

Not just a temporary, emergency fix to get you home, the FlyPaper glueless patch super sticky adhesive holds like traditional glue and rubber patches, without the hassle. Quick, clean and easy, FlyPaper glueless patch is suitable for high pressure tires and will maintain a seal on road as well as high volume mountain applications.

Tools: 6 patches & 1 Abrasive Sheet
Size: 2.5cm x 2.5cm

Price: RM9.80/unit

Sunday, 11 October 2015

2L Water Bladder

2L Water Bladder

Water Bladder Size: H34cm x L17cm
Colour: Ocean Blue

Price: RM39.90/unit


Friday, 9 October 2015



• When should I use POWERBAR® Gel?
POWERBAR® Gel is designed to be used as “fast fuel” during intense exercise. With its convenient package and 110-120 calories of carbohydrates, POWERBAR® Gel is an ideal source for immediate energy during intense athletic activity. 

• How should I store POWERBAR® Gel?
For the best use, POWERBAR® Gel should be kept between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. No need to refrigerate.
• How long will my POWEBAR® Gel last?
Each POWERBAR® Gel bar is stamped with a “best by” date. Although it is safe to use POWERBAR® Gel after this date, we recommend that you use POWERBAR® Gel by the “best by” date to ensure you’re getting the full nutritional benefits of the products.

Available Flavor:
Chocolate 1x (Temporary out of stock)
Strawberry Banana 1x (Temporary out of stock)
Green Apple 1x (Temporary out of stock)
Berry Blast 1x (Temporary out of stock)
Tangerine 2x
Double Latte 2x

Expired Date: April 2017/ July 2017

Price: RM7/pack

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Cateye CC-MC200W Micro Wireless Cycling Computer

Cateye CC-MC200W Micro Wireless Cycling Computer

Brand: Cateye 
Color: Black
Model: MICRO Wireless CC-MC200W 

Normal Price: RM222
Contact us for special rate

Current speed:0.0 ( A:4.0 / B:3.0 )~105.9 km/h [ 0.0 ( A:3.0 / B:2.0 )~65.0 mph ]
* The circumference B is set on a low-speed oriented basis; therefore, it is suitable for MTB. 
Elapsed time:0:00'00"~9:59'59"
Trip distance 1:0.00~999.99km [mile]
Trip distance 2: 0.00~999.99km [mile] 
Average speed 1:0.0~105.9 km/h [ 0.0~65.0 mph ]
Maximum speed:0.0(4.0)~105.9km/h
Total distance (Odometer):0~99999km [mile]
Stop watch:0:00'00"~9:59'59"
Clock:0:00'~23:59' [1:00'~12:59']
Pace arrow:Yes
Auto power saving:Yes
Sleep mode:Yes
Auto start/stop:Yes [Auto or Manual]
Backlight:Yes [Night Mode]
Odometer manual set:Yes
Tire size:0100mm~3999mm (default A:2096mm B:2050mm)
Transmission distance:20〜70cm
Battery:Computer: CR2032 X1 Sensor: CR2032 X1
Battery life:Computer:approx 1 year (1hr use per day, without using backlight)
Sensor:approx 10,000km [6,250 miles] in total distance
※ If the backlight is used frequently, the battery life diminishes accordingly.
Weight:26 grams