Tuesday 25 February 2020

NEXUS MTB Lock-On Grips

NEXUS MTB Lock-On Grips

Brand: Nexus
Suitable for MTB

Length: 130mm
Keeps steady by locking rings on the handlebar
Dual Density

1.Carefully remove old grips from the handlebar. Clean handlebar surface thoroughly using a non-abrasive cleaner making sure to remove all cleaning agents and old grip residue.

2. Carefully slide Lock-On Grip onto handle bar and hold in position.

3. Using a 2.3mm allen key (not included) tighten both screws firmaly to approximately 27 In/Lbs (2-3NM).

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the opposite Lock-On Grip.

5. Once Grips are fitted insert handlebar end plug at both ends. If reeuired use a soft mallet to gently tap end plugs into position.

Package Include: 
1 pair of Lock-On Grips and 1 pair of End Plugs.

Available Colour:

Price: RM12/set

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