Tuesday 11 April 2017

Race Bib Belt (2017 Version)

Race Bib Belt (2017 Version)

6 gels holder are not enough?! Don't worry, we've upgraded to 8 holders to fulfill a Full Marathon race!
Remain the same price for same high quality but with upgraded to 8 holders, hope you like it!

  • 8 Gels Loops Holder (each side with 4 holders)
  • Adjustable bib toggles holder
  • Reflective lining
  • High quality elastic belt
  • High quality buckle
Colour: Black
Price: RM19.90/pc

Adjustable Race Bib Holder

Reflective Effect

8 Gels Loop Holder (Each side with 4 holder)

Remain high quality elastic belt with buckle 

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