Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sports Arm Pouch (Size S & M)

Feel troublesome to carry ur belongings during sports?
Why not keep them into an ARM POUCH ?

2 sizes are available here!

 (Outer part) H(10.5CM) x W(5.5CM) x D(2CM)
 (Zip part) H(10CM) x W(5CM) x D(2CM)
Circumference of Arm Reference: within 20-36cm

  (Outer part) H(12CM) x W(7.5CM) x D(2.5CM)
  (Zip part) H(11.5CM) x W(7.5CM) x D(2.5CM)
Circumference of Arm Reference: within 22-36cm

Black/Dark Blue
Small: RM11.90/pc
Medium: RM9.90/pc

Black with Print
Small: RM13.90/pc
Medium: RM14.90/pc

**Not included postage

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